New York Pirate Party Endorses Greg Fischer For NYS Senate District 1

Statement from NYPP Founder Jay Emerson on the party’s endorsement of Greg Fischer:

“Greg Fischer is a man of integrity.  That sounds like cheap talk, let me rephrase that first sentence, this man would die for the people never mind fight for them when elected to NYS Senate.  Unlike most politicians on Long Island, I didn’t have to check my wallet after talking to him.  When I got home all $4 were still there just like I knew it would be.

Which brings me to my next point.

We, the 18-35 year olds on still left on Long Island, don’t have enough money to leave, but don’t have jobs that make it possible for us to survive staying.  We are the saturated workforce pool of highly educated, deep in debt, turnover statistics for businesses that run skeleton crews to drip every bit of hard work out of us while making a profit off our fear of losing our health benefits.

Nobody understands this more than Greg Fischer.

No ‘golden handcuffs’ that tie him to the special interest mafia by accepting bribes in the form of campaign contributions on this corrupt island of nepotism that plagues our local government and jacks up the taxes and prices of everything, he vows to take on those special interests that corrupt Albany as well as make the lives of everyone in his district livable and affordable.

Greg was one of the first people we saw declare himself a ‘Berniecrat’ before any other politician we endorsed.

For this, and many other reasons, Greg is our guy.

We are proud to give him not only this endorsement, but the unlimited resources of our volunteer activist network we have within our party locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally.

Give’em Hell, Greg.  We’re with you all the way.

For us, for everyone,

Jay Emerson

New York Pirate Party, Founder”


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