Social Security has been the backbone and saving grace of modern society as we know it today.  The Great Depression of the 1920’s and the collapse of Wall Street with the stock market crash in October of 1929 devastated America. If it was not for Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, America would not be the amazing country it is today.

We all know that this program is not free. Every working individual pays into it. Not only is it every individual’s right to receive this benefit upon retirement, but it was earned. We need to protect this right.  

I will go further to say that we need to expand the program. Many elders cannot survive on the benefits as they currently stand. The death and suicide rates among the elder population, especially over 85, are horrific. Our elders came before us. They have taught us what we know, how to be good people, and loved us. They built businesses, built communities, protected us, and carried on our traditions. They have paved the way to the life we now have and they deserve our respect. It is inhumane to threaten to take away their social security that they paid into and have worked so hard for all their lives.

For many, it is the only source of income.

It is unacceptable to cause insecurity and anxiety to seniors when they already are facing so many issues that come with age, such as health, mobility, and other needs. We must restore a sense of dignity to those who are in this stage of life forced to rely on Social Security.

We need to raise the cap on taxable income for Social Security. I think anything above the $125,000 limit has to be taxed and brought into the Social Security trust fund.
I will fight very hard to protect seniors, their rights, social security, and expanding the program.  They protected us, and now we need to protect them.  This will be one of the pieces of legislation I will write if I am elected to congress.