Greg Fischer

Candidate for NYS Senate – 1st District

Born in New York City, Greg Fischer (on the ballot as Gregory-John Fischer) relocated to Calverton after the events of 9/11/2001. Greg was a 9/11 volunteer responder (who is on the 9/11 health registry).

Greg is a single father of four children: Adam (30), Andrew (28), Clark (12) and Anna (9). Clark and Anna were actually born in their home in Calverton; they are now students in Riverhead.

Greg is an anti common core advocate. [Be sure to ask Greg for a FREE bumper sticker to show your support for ending common core.]

Professionally, Greg is a consultant to businesses, not-for-profits, and government. He also is a pro bono mentor/counselor/consultant with SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives, US Small Business Administration, US Dept of Commerce). With SCORE Greg is able to do business turnarounds, transitions to new generations of owners (even to employee owned), and startups (including getting people off unemployment and into their own businesses).

As a consultant, Greg works to improve all business tasks including accounting, manufacturing, marketing, customer service, logistics, product design, safety, quality, computer software, goal setting and planning, productivity…etc.

Greg has a strong background in business with three business degrees including General Management (CUNY), Finance (SUNY at New Paltz), and Operations Management (SUNY at Albany).

His clients have ranged from the US Department of Justice, to the City of New York, to Avis Car Rental, to Dannon Yogurt, to Boars Head, and many other organizations both large and small. He is a skilled computer systems creator and had his own successful software company. He has trained many business owners with special intensive clinics (including for members of the Long Island Association [LIA]).

In his business career he has worked to bring jobs back to America and he refuses to aid companies seeking to outsource; he has a personal lobbying effort called “If you love America, BUY American”. He works to protect American manufacturing jobs. [Be sure to ask Greg for a FREE bumper sticker to show your support for American industry.]


“The Fighter”

In recent years, Greg has focused on government reform both as his own self-styled advocate and as an elected board member to Americans For Legal Reform (ALR). You may have heard, Greg sued to reform the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA), force the election of local trustees, preserve Long Island jobs, prevent outage disasters, and cut energy rates. If we make Greg a Senator, he can go back to finish that LIPA reform mission.

Greg has also audited some school districts personally and found fraud. Some of that fraud is currently being prosecuted. Greg is committed to returning misappropriated monies to taxpayers that were overcharged and to the workers that were illegally underpaid.

With Greg’s experience in auditing, with Price Waterhouse, Peat Marwick and other large accounting firms, we want Greg to make sure government is properly audited.

On social issues, Greg has used his legal skills to fight for gender equality, an end to environmental pollution, and promote children’s rights. Once known as “The Children’s Lobbyist”, this pro bono (non-funded, non-paid) role includes drafting legislation, public testimony, community organizing, public political events with speaking, networking with legislators at all levels of government. Greg’s lobbying was documented in part in the Movie “Support? System Down!” (filmed from 2005 to 2007).

In the past, Greg has also shown his desire to serve the public in past duties as a Volunteer Emergency Medical Technician, Volunteer Firefighter, as a Scout, as a Peace Officer, and he spent a term as a Trustee of the Calverton Civic Association. His father is the late NYPD Captain Fred Fischer.

Greg has been an advocate on health issues. As a spokesperson for vaccine oversight, he lobbied to halt mandatory administration of untested vaccines to healthcare workers. He acted to prevent the administration of thimerosal (mercury) preserved vaccines to pregnant women and to enforce the existing legislated moratorium to ban such administration. He personally investigated, solely discovered and exposed that the government was administering vaccines to children that were in fact contra-indicated for children according to the manufacturer’s instructions! He is now exposing the connection between egg sensitivity (not just allergy) as a strong link between Autism and vaccines; Greg is advocating for pre-vaccination testing of infants.

Greg has been active on children’s legal issues: Family court reform, legal revisions to promote co-parenting of children following divorce, grand-parents rights…etc.

Greg has helped introduce (and see passed) additional anti-abduction legislation, to protect children at county, state and federal levels. Greg’s children Clark and Anna were abducted on Sept 17 2007 (while Greg was running for Riverhead Councilman). The children were returned 25 months later; since then Greg has been a national spokesperson on child abduction issues, particularly for the national group Voice For The Children.

Greg dresses as Santa Claus at Christmas for kids, and at dresses as a “superhero” for other kids events, especially at the “return parties” of abducted children.

Greg is also an American Bar Association Certified Paralegal and assists many people pro bono to help them when they have not had their full measure of justice.

Greg has worked with Hurricane Sandy victims who were being treated unfairly by banks.

Greg is well known, as a “maverick independent candidate” of the past. However, Greg is in this race for Senator with the support of the Democratic Committee.

Greg is also a patented inventor. He has created products for virtual reality environments and energy conservation and generation. He is a life member of the Society of Professional Journalists and blogs on political events.


Why elect Greg Fischer?

Electing Greg Fischer is the opportunity for citizens to get their voice back in government. The truth is, the 40 year incumbent is just not representing the needs of the East End (District 1).

Greg is a professional problem solver who will “clean up the mess.”

Having made the East End his home for himself and family, Greg has proven to be a unique candidate that looks to guarantee every single citizen is treated equally and fairly. He helps people achieve greater opportunity for their personal prosperity right now.

Greg is not just talk. Greg has proven he will take positive action. Can we help Greg become a Senator and do even more for more people? Yes we can!

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