Our public schools are the heart and soul of our communities. It is imperative for the future of each and every child that we kick corporate interests and hedge fund managers out of our classrooms and hand them back to the parents, teachers and school board members who are best equipped to understand the needs of their own children. As your Congressman I will work to protect and empower our public schools by:

  • Dismantling Common Core and ending High Stakes Testing
  • Ending the federal mandate of annually testing students grades 3-8
  • Prohibiting the commercial sharing and marketing of student data and requiring parental knowledge and consent for any necessary data collecting and sharing.
  • Providing extra resources and federal aid to schools that enroll students with the greatest needs; thereby ending the punitive policies that result in school closures in high poverty neighborhoods
  • Eliminating the federal funding of charter schools to ensure that our tax dollars remain with our children in our public schools.
  • Fully funding our schools enabling them to provide universal pre-k, small class sizes and an enriched, well-rounded education for every child.