I am running for NYS Senate because I can’t bring all the change I have been working on from the “sidelines” — I must get elected.

The truth is: the incumbent is irrelevant to YOUR urgent needs of today — fixing the New York Economy and Ending New York Corruption. These two problems go hand in hand.

Government corruption destroys investment incentive, kills jobs, and raises taxes. A broken economy can not be fixed by a government that is filled with attorneys that do not have economy building in their blood and bones.

Take one simple corruption problem — “term limits”. MY OPPONENT CAN NOT FIX THE PROBLEM — HE IS THE PROBLEM! I am running against a 40 year incumbent who has been great at getting elected. However, for every scandal and downturn of the last 40 years he has been inactive and silent.

Take “the economy” — my opponent has been part of the 35+ year consist ratcheting down in our local economy. Under his pretended “leadership” we have seen a drop down every single year except for the few years where real estate and construction industry was fueled by ILLEGAL DEBT and credit bubbles. What does he do about it? Almost nothing except take campaign contributions from some of the interests that caused the dangerous condition and eventual crisis,

I know the problem personally. Twelve years ago I asked the incumbent to help with court reform issues and he refused. Instead, while I was on film for a documentary film, he threw me and the film crew out. He did nothing to cure the problems where middle class people can no longer afford justice. Ten years ago, he used campaign finance funds to hire private investigators to STALK me and then his senate opposition candidate of the time — that was a felony. When the crime was pointed out they REWROTE HIS BOOKS — another felony. This leopard is not going to change his spots — he will be a nice grandpa in front of the cameras and a criminal “Wizard of OZ” when he is behind the curtain.

At long last, the Democratic party has put up a REAL CANDIDATE that represents the entire first Senatorial congressional district. The Democratic party believes the district desperately needs a change. My campaign will focus on real issues that are relevant to working families. I am not a lawyer so I am going to focus on real reform and not endless Albany nay-saying and logjams.

If you are not a Democrat, or don’t vote Democrat, I am asking you to consider me as an individual. Vote for me as your agent of change, this one time please. Any questions? Here is my OFFICE phone number: 631-727-9637 [email: perfect100@hotmail.com]— you can even call me personally because I am truly available equally to all.

This is the most empowered challenge my opponent has had in 40 years — read about what I have done and what I intend to do going forward.

Campaign Finance Reform

Protection of Social Security

Heathcare for the Need of the Patient

Sound Environmental Solutions and Climate Change

Supporting Our Unions

Animal Rights & Legislation for Change

LGBTQ+ Rights

Real Economic Solutions and Student Debt

Empowering Our Public Schools K-12