The United States spends more than 50% of our discretionary budget on the military. This does not include any veterans programs and hospital care that we provide, which only amounts to less than 6%. I find it reprehensible that our veterans struggle so much in America, and we cannot help them integrate properly back into society. Many struggle with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), lack of gainful employment, and serious medical injuries that are often neglected because of lack of approved funding for their medical needs.

We cannot be the country that spends most of our national budget on the military but neglects our returning veterans.

I will reach out to veterans to seek their advice and input on what veterans are lacking, what needs improvement, and what is wholly neglected. I will work tirelessly to help improve the veteran programs and make sure no one veteran feels he or she was was tossed aside. No veteran should ever feel that their service defending our country was taken for granted.

We need to honor our veterans and provide for them.